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Patricia Saunders designed Monotype Corsiva, which is a comic sans. It’s an Italic typeface inspired by early Italian cursive forms, as seen in the work of Ludovico Degli Arrighi in the 16th century. This typeface’s capital letters are comparable to the Swash design. It’s also a good choice for short paragraphs and is frequently used in advertisements.

Monotype Corsiva is one of the several weights and styles available in this Monotype font family. Monotype fonts were created by the Monotype Corporation and have appeared in a variety of locations since its inception. Monotype’s Corsiva typeface is also a trademark of the firm. It supports a wide range of languages and may be downloaded in a variety of formats, making it accessible to a wider audience.

The Monotype Corsiva fonts, on the other hand, Monotype Corsiva Generator is an internet tool that allows you to generate logos and graphics for free. This utility is frequently used for such purposes, and it can also be used to make downloaded fonts web-safe for optimum use. If you want to give your design a nineteenth-century feel, this is a great option, or you can choose Helvetica Neue, which is a great option for this typeface.


Monotype Corsiva History

The Monotype group created the Monotype text styles. This name was used by three companies, two of which had a background in the printing industry’s “hot metal” or primary type. They were unable to adapt as the market changed and PC, balancing, and photography frameworks became more prevalent. The Monotype Corsiva is one of Monotype’s most popular styles.

This Italic typeface is free to use and can be used in both professional and personal projects. It comes in a variety of styles, such as Corsiva Italic, Bold, Medium, and many others. The designer was influenced by Ludovico Vicentino Degli Arrighi when creating this typeface. Many well-known typeface designers admired his work and incorporated it into their designs.

History of Monotype Corsiva Font

History of Monotype Corsiva Font

You’ve most likely seen this typeface in a variety of locations because it’s so widely used. You can also discover fonts that are similar to Corsiva, such as Monotype Sorts, Baskerville, Neue Helvetica, and others; they all have many similarities and can be used in place of Corsiva. The typeface has gained a lot of traction in logo design because it meets the demand for typefaces that may be utilized in logos.


Font Information

Name Monotype Corsiva Font
Designer Patricia Saunders
Foundry Monotype Imaging
Type Script typeface
File Format Opentype & Truetype
Date Released 1995
License Free for Personal Use
Type Free Version


Usage of Monotype Corsiva Font

It, like every other Monotype typeface, has a long number of uses, which has raised the font’s value and respect. You, too, as a designer, have used this typeface, or variations on it, in some capacity. Let’s have a look at the platforms and sites where this typeface has previously appeared and received a lot of attention and admiration. Among these platforms are:

1- Book Publishing

This typeface’s ornamented letters make it an excellent selection for usage in book publishing. Since its introduction, the font has made numerous performances for such reasons. If you’re looking for a typeface to use in this situation, consider Monotype Corsiva. Many book publishers, both large and small, have experimented with this typeface.

2- Company/Brands

This font remained the focal point of focus in the logos of major corporations and brands. It is widely used in logos due to its cursive qualities, which make it an excellent choice for this reason. Cypress Properties, Roller Skating Club in Texas, and other well-known companies have used this typeface in their logos.

This font has remained a popular choice among graphic designers, and many designers still use it as their first option. You can use this typeface with the silicia script font on your sites, banners, books, graphics, logos, and headings, among other things. It has an antique typeface feel to it, therefore you can use it if you want to add a vintage sense to your designs and website. Go ahead and use the typeface to make your design stand out.


Monotype Corsiva Font View

Monotype Corsiva Font View

Monotype Corsiva Font View

Monotype Corsiva Font Family (includes 4 styles)

1. Monotype Corsiva Std Regular

2. Monotype Corsiva Italic

3. Monotype Corsiva Bold

4. Monotype Corsiva Bold Italic


Similar Fonts to Monotype Corsiva

1. EF Elysa

2. Cataneo BT

3. Lucida Calligraphy

4. Monotype Sorts

5. Baskerville

6. Helvetica Neue

7. Rotis

8. Quill


License Information

It is available in two versions: free and paid. If you wish to use the paid version, you must purchase a license. Use the typeface in your commercial, printing, and digital media after you have the licensing authority, and make your design worth contemplating and admiring. The license is available on a variety of platforms.


Monotype Corsiva Free Download

The Corsiva typeface was created by the Monotype Corporation, therefore you’ll need a license to get the full experience. It is, nonetheless, worthwhile to attempt if you wish to use a free font for your personal work. This guide includes a link that will allow you to download it to your computer. The font is available in a variety of formats for download.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions!

What Type of Font Is Monotype Corsiva?

It belongs to the Monotype typeface family and is a comic Sans typeface. The font was created many years ago, and every designer has strongly valued it ever then. It’s now available on a variety of platforms.

Who Designed Monotype Corsiva?

This Italic typeface was created by Patricia Saunders, who was inspired by the work of renowned typeface designer master Ludovico Degli Arrighi.

Is Monotype Corsiva Free Font for Commercial Use?

It’s a free font that can only be used for personal purposes. If you wish to use this typeface for business applications, you’ll need to purchase the Monotype company’s trademarked license. Once you’ve gained authority, choose a font for each platform.

What Is Monotype Corsiva Generator?

It is online that provides various features for designers. It helps to make various font logos and posters, as well as previewing the font before committing to it. It’s completely free, and it also makes the downloaded font web-safe for heavy use.

Is Monotype Corsiva a Good Choice to Use?

Many well-known places and platforms have used the font. Many amateurs and professional designers have used this font in their work, which has now gained worldwide recognition. It is, without a doubt, one of the benefits of using fonts.


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