How To Install IDM (Internet Download Manager) in Windows 10 PC

IDM, Internet Download Manager, is one of the best shareware download manager software for Windows users. Now, the tool has finally received Windows 10 support, which means consumers that now use it for faster downloading speeds.

Recently, Internet Download Manager has been updated to version 6.36, enhancing full support for Windows 10.

Install IDM (Internet Download Manager) in Windows 10 PC

Install Internet Download Manager on your Windows 10 PC

Now, version 6.36 of Internet Download Manager provides the following important changes – the critical bug that was affecting users in IE integration module has been fixed, as well as compatibility issues with Google Chrome.

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The video recognition in web players has been improved, and Windows 10 along with Internet Explorer 11 have received full support.

IDM will work just as well on Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8 or Windows 7, so visit the link from below to download it on your systems.

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Key Features of Internet Download Manager:

– Universal browser support: IDM is compatible with absolutely all the browsers available on the market, from popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to privacy-friendly browsers such as Vivaldi.
– Malware scan: When you click on a download link, IDM automatically takes over and scans the respective files and folders for malware.
– Download categories: You can easily organize your downloads using various download categories.
– Resume download: If your download got stuck or your internet connection dropped, IDM will resume all the unfinished downloads where they left off.
– Download speed 5 time faster than regular downloads due to dynamic file segmentation technology.
– Customizable UI: You can add and remove options in the UI, or add various toolbars depending on your needs.

Go to the Internet Download Manager official page to read more information about the complete list of features.

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