How To Download and Install DirectX in Windows 10/8/7

In this article, we are gonna show you how to update to the latest version of DirectX on your Windows PC or Laptop.

By default, all modern Windows operating systems include DirectX, thus you probably won’t ever need to install DirectX manually.

But Microsoft has been known to release updated versions of DirectX, and installing the latest updates may give performance increases in your graphics programs and games or might be the fix to a DirectX problem you’re facing such as dsetup.dll errors.

Here are the steps below to update DirectX in any version of Windows.

How To Download and Install DirectX in Windows 10/8/7

1. Go to the DirectX download page on Microsoft’s site.

2. Click on the red Download button to save the setup file to your PC.

3. Once the file is downloaded, go to the folder that contains the “dxwebsetup.exe” file and double-click on the file to run the install process.

4. Complete the DirectX installation by following directions from the DirectX installation program. It should take about 2-3 minutes to install.

Notes: You might be asked to install something else such as the Bing Bar. Just untick whatever you’re not interested in to avoid installing it.

5. Restart your computer.

After restarting your computer, check to see if updating to the latest version of DirectX corrected the problem you were facing.

How to Find the Current DirectX Version Number

Here are the steps to check which version of DirectX is installed on your computer through the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

1. Press Windows Key + R then type dxdiag in the Run dialog box. Click OK to open DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

If you see a message asking about checking for digitally signed drivers, press Yes.

2. In the System tab, find the DirectX Version entry at the bottom of the list to check the DirectX version number.

That’s about it.

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