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Aga Arabesque font

In this post, we are presenting Aga Arabesque typeface, a font in the Arabic typeface. Although it offers a clear and small look, it is quite the same as Goudy ancient. If your are finding a suitable font for your web e-newsletter, brand design, printing for the wedding ceremony cards, invitation playing cards, so you found the right place. This font is what you need.

Mystique Marker Font

From the last 25 years, the Mystique marker font family has been quite popular in the various design fields. This focused typeface shares a number of similarities with Distro font created.

Imprint Shadow Font Free Download

In 1912, Edward Johnston with the assistance of John Mason, created Imprint Shadow font, an amazing serif font. This font was inspired by the Caslon’s from the Pierpont. Moreover, this unique typeface has a huge x-height. Like the Thunderstorm font, it was published via Monotype Corporation, a famous foundry specializes in magazine, book purposes, printing and typography work.

Lynchburg Font Free Download

In this post, we are presenting Lynchburg Font, a complex font belonging to the script typeface family. This font’s beautiful swirls and pretty strokes make it perfect for branding projects, products, greetings, themes, labeling, headlines. Jack Daniel is the creator as well as the publisher of this font. This typeface was developed with some vital and modern elements, which set it apart from others.

Cera Font Free Download

Cera font is a delightful sans serif typeface, which contained numerous advanced characteristics, for example, stylistic alternatives, specific glyphs, high-quality swashes, glimpse, and texture ligatures. TypeMates created and published this font. However, Jakob Runge is its original designer. For multilingual support, this font has a huge set of Latin and Extended Latin letterforms. Besides, in this font, there are 12 styles and 6 weights, which are thin, light, regular, medium, bold and black, with italics for each weight.

Solomon Font Free Download

Solomon font is a top choice for headings and titles of all text sizes and blocks in both minimum and maximum forms. This font is a member of the sans serif font family. Svet Simov, a well-known font creator, developed and for the first time shared it on Fonfabric.

Happy Sans Font Free Download

We are going to present Happy Sans font, a very ornamental and fashionable typeface, which is a member of the comic font family. Essqu Productions was responsible for its creation. This font’s flexible texture makes it suitable for any types of designs  as well as contents. There are 2 weights available in this typeface: regular and bold.

Castellia Font Free Download

Castellia is a modern character typeface containing calligraphy components. Mr. Joel Maker Studio, a talented font creator, was in charge of this font’s creation. This trendy font consists of a full set of letterforms, like uppercase, lowercase, stylish numbers, general punctuations, symbols, updated icons, as well as many other versions.

Runescape Font Free Download

We are going to talk about a new logo typeface named Runescape Font, which was created by Nathan P. Runescape UF Font is another name for this typeface. There is only one regular style in this font. This font was published for the first time as the basis for a game logo. The team logo is the most popular in the world, as a result, this font is the most well-known in the typeface market.

Braves Font Free Download

The Braves Font is based on the name of a baseball team in the United States. Atlanta Braves was in charge of the creation of this font. Then in 2011, it was officially shared for the first time. After many changes, this font now has an unique shape. This font is the most famous for its distinct style in the US.