Papyrus Font

Papyrus is a handwritten typeface that has been widely utilized by designers since its inception. Chris Costello, a web and graphic designer, created this fantastic typeface in 1982. It was, nevertheless, published in 1983. This font was created by the London-based business Letraset. Internation Typeface Corporating is the current owner of this typeface (ITC). This typeface has been used in a number of Microsoft apps.

Uneven curves and jagged edges characterize the font. Furthermore, it comes in a variety of weights, including Bold. Papyrus font is available for download in a variety of formats for free on your devices. Aside from that, the pair of The Rochester Font and all of its varied styles can be used to make various Papyrus font forms.


Papyrus Font History

This font’s creator is When Chris Costello was in his early twenties, he began working on this typeface. He was inspired to create this font after reading the Bible. He wanted to see how a font might have looked in biblical times.

History of Papyrus Font

History of Papyrus Font

It’s a handwritten font that he created with a pen and textured paper in under six months. It also has a number of distinct characteristics that persuade designers to use it in their creations. This font’s strokes are horizontal, and the edges are rough. It is one of the overly applied typefaces, according to the designer in 2017. Papyrus typeface is also simple to install on mobile devices.


Font Information

Name Papyrus Font
Designer Chris Costello
Foundry Letraset
Type Fantasy
File Format Opentype & Truetype
Date Released 1983
License Commercial Font
Type Free Version


Usage of Papyrus Font

This font has previously been used by Microsoft in a variety of apps, including MacOS. This font has been used in the logos of a number of well-known films, including Avatar and Disney Plus. This font was also used in the logo for the video game Undertale. As a result, there are a plethora of platforms where you can try out this typeface.

Titles, covers, websites, designs, online platforms, social media accounts, and other notable places can all benefit from the font. The greatest alternative to Papyrus font is Great Vibes Font. Papyrus EF Regular is another name for it.


Papyrus Font View

Papyrus Font View

Papyrus Font View

Similar Fonts to Papyrus Font

1. Film Cryptic

2. Plato

3. Monotonia Display

4. Humana Sans ITC

5. ITC Tempus Sans

6. Yummy Cupcakes font

7. Myriad Pro

8. G&G

9. Lithos


License Information

It is preferable to obtain thorough information on a font’s licensing before using it. To fully exploit the capabilities of this typeface, you’ll need a license. Get the license from the appropriate government and start using it everywhere.


Papyrus Font Free Download

You can download the typeface for free on your device for personal and non-commercial use. In only a few seconds, you can install the font from the download link. You may, however, only use it for private uses.

Download Now


Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Why People Hate Papyrus Font?

Because of its looks, it is believed that not many people want to utilize this typeface in their creations. Designers dislike using this font since it does not look believable on screen. It is also one of the most widely used typefaces.

Where You Can Use Papyrus Font?

It is a typeface with numerous features, including rough edges and horizontal strokes. However, you can ideally use this hand-drawn font for display purposes. Furthermore, you can apply this font with Curvy Font to numerous other platforms.

Can We Use Papyrus Font Free for Commercial Use?

To use the font freely in your work, you’ll almost certainly require a license. The font is available for personal use at no cost. However, if you’re working on a commercial project, you should first get a license.

Who Designed the Papyrus Font?

After being inspired by the Bible book, Chris Costello produced this widely used typeface at an early age. He experimented with a font that worked well for him.

What Is Papyrus Font Generator?

It’s yet another product that designers overuse. This program may be used to create various Papyrus font forms for free.

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