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Cooper black font is a serif font made by Oswald Bruce Cooper, an American typeface and graphic creator. During his career, he has produced a number of types, notably the Cooper and Cooper black series. Cooper full-face series, for example. Barnhart Brothers & Spindler foundry produced the font in the nineteenth century. After a few years, though, the foundry cut connections with the font. This font is currently owned by an American-type foundry.

Cooper black font is available in a variety of variations that you can download for free to use on your computer. It also includes a variety of variants that you can use with the bickham font, making it a versatile font. You may also generate different Cooper black font shapes for free using a Cooper black font text-based generator. You may learn how to use this valuable tool by looking it up on the internet.


Cooper Black Font History

The font was first published as a display font in 1929. It gained enormous attention in the early 1960s as a result of its widespread use in pop media. Cooper Black Italic, Cooper Black condensed, Cooper Hilite, and other versions and styles are available. Throughout the years, many printing businesses have replicated the Cooper Black font.

Bold letters are used to create an old-style serif display. Cooper Black font variants such as CooperFiveOpti-Black font and Charlemagne Condensed font are also available. This font finally meets the needs of publishers, which is why it is one of the most widely used serif types.


Font Information

Name Cooper Black Font
Designer Oswald Bruce Cooper
Foundry Barnhart Brothers & Spindler
Type Old Style
File Format Opentype & Truetype
Date Released 1922
License Free for Both Personal and Commercial Use only
Type Free Version


Usage of Cooper Black Font

The font has been created for many decades, which is why it has been used in so many places. Moreover, the extensive character set and countless versions made it adaptable to a variety of platforms. As a result, you can use this typeface in conjunction with the polya font in a variety of display scenarios. Publishers benefit greatly from this typeface when they use it in magazines and newspapers.

You can also use the typeface on your sites, projects, printing projects, graphic designs, artwork, records, audio, and logos, among other things.


Cooper Black Font View


History of Cooper Black Font

History of Cooper Black Font

Calibri Font Family (Includes 2 Styles)

1. Cooper Black Italic

2. Cooper Black Regular


Similar Fonts to Cooper Black

1. Cooper Std

2. Brix Slab

3. Chopped

4. Cooper

5. Soap

6. Tubby Suomi

7. Mayonez

8. Mamba

9. Convexion


License Information

To use the typeface for business, printing, and display projects, you don’t need a license. This typeface is available in both a premium and free version for Webfont and Desktop, and you may use it in both large and small projects.


Cooper Black Font Free Download

This typeface is available for download for free on your desktop and can be used for any purpose. All you have to do now is download the font from the provided website. You can begin making your projects successful after downloading.

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Question Answers

What Type of Font Is Cooper Black Font?

It’s a printing-oriented serif display typeface in the classic style. This masterpiece, designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper in 1929, has received widespread acclaim over the years. Moreover, you can easily download the font for free and use it on your website.

Can We Use Cooper Black Font Free for Commercial Projects?

After downloading this font to your device, you’ll have access to both the paid and free versions. The font is available for free usage in both personal and business applications.

Who Designed Cooper Black Font?

In 1929, Oswald Bruce Cooper, an American designer, created this gorgeous serif font for display or printing.

Where Can You Use Black Cooper Font?

Publishers have been using the font for a long time. It has also been utilized for printing and exhibition work throughout the years. For these variations, you can also combine this font with the germany font. You can also use the typeface in websites, graphics, logos, headlines, titles, and headers, among other places.

Why Black Cooper Font Is Extremely Popular?

It’s one of the most popular serif fonts. It is well-known for its application in printing and publishing.

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